How to make money in crypto 101

Are you tired of the same old boring ways to make money? Want to add some excitement to your financial portfolio? Look no further than the wild world of cryptocurrency! In this article, we’ll examine some of the potentially highly profitable ways to make a profit in the crypto industry. What strategies to use and, if you’re interested in trading, ...

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AMC NFT: How to Get

AMC Entertainment, the world’s leading movie theater company, is entering into a new NFT offering for its shareholders. Unveiling on the WAX Blockchain platform with exclusive content featuring “I Own AMC”, this one-of-a-kind item will only be available to current stockholders! Get your hands on it and share in all that owning an iconic piece of corporate history has to ...

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New Generation’s Investment Mania – Crypto Art Trading

If you are new to investing and trying to learn about it as much as possible before diving into all of this, I’m pretty sure you’ve first heard of stocks, bonds, and, in the end, cryptocurrencies. Still, if you read books like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” “Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing,” or anything else written by Robert T. Kiyosaki and ...

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What’s the Meaning of Bull Run and Bear Market In Crypto?

Financial markets, especially crypto, never stand still. Until this day, we’ve seen it all – from massive crashes to significant take-offs, in a single day or over a period of time. In order to describe these significant upward and downward movements (especially the ones that stretch over a couple of months or even longer), experts carved out two terms – ...

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Bitcoin Era Review 2022


Our Bitcoin Era review is the most detailed and well-researched in the market, and provides information that can be used to decide if this cryptocurrency trading platform is actually a scams. The Bitcoin Era auto trading robot is widely available, but investment managers do not have to take such advice seriously. Investors are advised to conduct an initial market assessment before ...

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Koda Cryptocurrency price today, KODA to USD live, chart and live market cap | CoinMarketCap

#5243 Tokens in 1,443 Watchlists 0.000000008769. 0.00.00011168. 8%: low: $0.013882. High: $0.013487. Koda Cryptocurrency KODA. KODA Price Today Koda Crypto Currency has been trading for 24 hours at $11,040.44. Koda’s stock has gained 8.7% since the end. The company has around 1 KODA currency with an annual total supply of 33bn. PancakeSwap v2 is a cryptocurrency exchange with over 20,000 ...

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7 best iOS apps for crypto price alerts in 2022 – Stupid Apple Rumors


Apart from following all the latest news, many investors start monitoring their investments in cryptocurrency markets on a daily basis. They keep track of their portfolio’s performance and market details using apps for price alerts. Most apps use the Apple Watch to provide cryptocurrency prices with the touch of a button. However, these are just general recommendations – there are ...

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Going long-term in a volatile market – and vice versa


If you are new to crypto or coming into crypto from traditional trading or investment, it can be scary looking at the price charts jumping around all the time. No one would blame you for asking “Why should I invest in this?”It may not seem promising at that point and it may seem like your investment will depreciate again in ...

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