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#5243 Tokens in 1,443 Watchlists 0.000000008769. 0.00.00011168. 8%: low: $0.013882. High: $0.013487. Koda Cryptocurrency KODA.

KODA Price Today

Koda Crypto Currency has been trading for 24 hours at $11,040.44. Koda’s stock has gained 8.7% since the end. The company has around 1 KODA currency with an annual total supply of 33bn. PancakeSwap v2 is a cryptocurrency exchange with over 20,000 users. According to CoinMarketCap, its current price is 0.000042 in USD or 0.00033 in Hong Kong dollar. The highest price it’s seen this week is 0.00004264 USD, with the 24 hour trading volume being 2,086.89 USD.

KODA prices. Live data

Koda Cryptocurrencies have a live trading volume of $27,690.51 per day. The USD price to trade Koda cryptocurrency changes daily. Koda Cryptocurrencies has climbed over 6.622% over the past 12 hours. CoinMarketCap currently ranks #5424 and has no current value in the marketplace. Circulating supply is unavailable – the limit is A. 33,000,000,000 Koa coin supply. The best Cryptocurrencies exchange in the world currently offers Koda Cryptocurrencies trading on Pancakeswap (V2). Other listings are available on our cryptocurrency exchange pages.

How to buy Koda coin

Buying Koda Coin is simple and straightforward. Finding a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange to trade with should be your top concern if you’re wondering how to purchase Koda Coin. We advise purchasing Koda Coin from the three platforms listed below since they have the lowest costs and best levels of security.

Where to buy Koda Finance Coin


The world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the industry, Binance, allows customers to trade more than 500 cryptocurrencies. Due to the platform’s minimal fees—users only have to pay a 0.1% transaction fee when placing a trade—investors from all over the world utilize Binance. Binance even enables customers to instantaneously purchase cryptocurrency using a credit or debit card, however, there is a 4.5% charge associated with this. Binance offers Koda Coin trading in both USDT and BTC pairs.


Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and users can buy Koda Coin with their credit or debit card. Coinbase does not charge any fees for Koda Coin purchases, however, customers must pay a 1.49% fee when using their credit/debit card. Koda Coin trading is available on Coinbase in both USDT and BTC pairs.


PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Binance Smart Chain network that enables Koda Coin traders to purchase Koda Coins with BTC and BNB. PancakeSwap provides Koda Coin traders with low fees, fast transactions, and an automated market maker (AMM) that sets Koda Coin prices.

Step-by-step Guide to buying Koda Coin

Follow these steps to buy Koda Coin on Pancakeswap:

Visit Pancakeswap and connect your wallet

Go to PancakeSwap, click “Connect” at the top, and select any connection type you like, e.g. MetaMask or TrustWallet.

Click the Koda Coin trading pair

You should see a relatively simpler interface here, with two fields, from and to, and a big button that says “Connect Wallet” or “Exchange”.

Enter the amount of Koda Coin you would like to buy

Click Connect wallet if you have not already done so. Otherwise, you can see your BNB balance here, in the “From” field, enter the amount you wish to exchange into KODA and then in the “To” field select KODA from the drop-down list, the corresponding KODA amount should appear immediately.

Confirm the transaction

Wait until the confirmation screen shows “Transaction sent”

Koda Coin will be added to your wallet balance once the transaction is complete.

Once Koda Coin has been purchased and added to your wallet, you can use Koda Coin for a variety of different activities, such as trading Koda Coin for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges or utilizing Koda Coin to participate in a Koda Finance project.


When was Koda Cryptocurrency created?

SummitBC has vast experience delivering strategic solutions that are highly effective in the cryptocurrency sector. And their rate of success doesn’t change with the Summit KODA token. The Binance smartchain token KODA has more than 100.000 registered owners currently.

Is Koda coin legit?

The company has a real team that works with amazing community feeling. All new or existing investors are always welcome to meet with us. It is this fact that the company is real and fully developed but its value is still unknown.

Despite being legitimate, unfortunately, there are some downsides to using Koda as your cryptocurrency of choice. The main drawback is its limited functionality in comparison to other cryptocurrencies. It also lacks many popular features such as cross-chain capabilities and third-party wallet applications. Additionally, its price volatility can make it unreliable at times.

Is Koda a good investment?

KoDAs have grown in trust levels among investors and are considered a profitable investment. Koda offers investors the best chance for long-term returns on investments. The company is expected to generate an income of +1967.27% over the next 10 years. Regardless, none of the information we provide constitutes financial advice meant to be followed without additional research. Invest at your own risk, do your own research, consider hiring a financial advisor, and always consult as many third party sources as possible.

What are the advantages of Koda cryptocurrency?

Koda uses a strong team of developers who are dedicated to making their vision a reality. They’re all experienced with blockchain technology and know how to create a successful cryptocurrency platform. 

The Koda community emphasizes the importance of usability and consumer friendliness when developing its projects. Most of its coin features are readily accessible to new users through its clear and simple wallet interface. 

They’ve also adopted user testing as a part of their development process. This ensures that their products are easy to understand and use, regardless of age or technical ability.

Koda aims to be a universal digital currency for the masses. They believe everyone should have access to money affordably and easily. In addition, Koda has low transaction fees so merchants don’t have to worry about losing money when processing payments.

Moreover, Koda was one of the first cryptocurrencies to utilize a DPoS consensus mechanism. DPoS stands for ‘Delegated Proof of State’ and is an attempt at achieving decentralized governance in online communities. 

DPoS attempts to resolve problems with centralization by dividing control between elected delegates and nodes in the network. Elected delegates are selected by the community and can be removed at any time by vote, ensuring accountability.

Does Koda have good security?

The Koda team incorporated five different types of encryption into the code: AES-256 bit encryption, SHA256 hash encryption, BLS key generation and storage, ECC chaotic ECC curve generation and storage, and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) private key generation and storage. This makes Koda extremely safe and secure from hackers. 

Additionally, Koda incorporated masternode technology to increase the stability of the network. This allowed for better transactions, less blockchain spam, and better control over the network.

How much is Koda crypto worth?

0.003582 Kodak. Prices are calculated.

Is Koda coin a good investment?

In the Trust Rating KODAs have increased and have a reputation as a profitable investment that could improve one’s financial situation. Koda offers an attractive alternative to traditional investment. The company expects to grow its earnings +1967.57% by 2020.

What are the plans for the future of Koda?

Koda also has an extensive plan for global expansion and adoption. The team wants to create partnerships with payment processors in different countries to make Koda accessible to everyone. 

They’ll also create awareness campaigns in different countries to help people understand how to use Koda cryptocurrency. 

The team will also promote wallets and apps for Android and iOS so people can easily transact with the currency wherever they are in the world. This ensures that everyone can easily access and use Koda worldwide.

>How do I buy Koda crypto?

You can buy Koda coins via BNB (Binance coin) through Koda Finance’s online store.

Can you buy Koda on Coinbase?

Often cryptocurrencies can’t be acquired. Koda cryptocurrencies are one of them. No one can download Coinbase apps or wallets.